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It is with deep sadness that we relay this news. Flat Earth Sails sailmaker Mick MacRobb passed away October 29 in Australia. With his innovation and skill, Mick changed the profile, not to mention the speed, of modern sea kayaking. A generation of adventurous kayakers mounted sails on their kayaks and turned wind into a joyous excuse to play. Mick's sails always make a long expedition day more pleasant. With his productivity and vision, he shared his passion and helped kayak sailing gain recognition worldwide. With his genuine kindness, he made friends and loyal fans who will miss him deeply, even as we celebrate the joy he brought to our lives by being himself, following his heart, and working doggone hard. Sail on, Mick. In the wind we will feel your spirit.

Words from some friends
Mick did not invent paddle sailing but what he did was design a rig that was easy to handle on the water and could be retrofitted easily to almost any kayak. If you try paddle sailing, you will almost certainly become hooked on its fun. It all looks so simple but that is always the key to any successful design. From his tiny workshop Flat Earth kayak sails have almost single handedly reintroduced paddle sailing to mainstream sea kayaking in the the UK and Europe. Some people accuse people who go paddle sailing of cheating. Cheating??? Cheating who or what? Paddle sailing adds an extra dimension of fun to sea kayaking and anyone who knew Mick will know that "cheating" was the very antithesis of his character, which shone with decency and honesty. So Mick, thanks for putting so much fun into our World and being such a great example of how to lead a good life.
-Douglas Wilcox, enthusiastic sailor, Scotland

We're devastated to let our friends in the paddling community know about the sudden passing of our great mate, Mick MacRobb. Mick was a champion fella, kind, generous, a gentleman of the highest order. He was the pioneer of his own kayak sail brand, Flat Earth Kayak Sails, and from his humble sailmakers loft in rural Bairnsdale proved to all of us that a little guy with an eye for detail & design could still crack the world market. He could barely keep up with the business that was flowing his way.
-Rob Mercer, Expedition Kayaks, Australia

Mick, I would have liked to be there at your funeral to pay my respects, but on that day I am actually finally arriving to Australia by kayak, I wish you were around to witness the culmination of this expedition, mate. Perhaps your spirit will be there somewhere in the strong South Easterly wind. My sail will be up in your honor!
-Sandy Robson, expedition paddler, Germany to Australia, whose hard-earned arrival to Australia will be the same day as Mick's funeral. Sandy Robson's Facebook Page

To read more on Mick, see Mick MacRobb's Facebook Page

Mick's mates and his distributors are discussing how Flat Earth Kayak Sails will move forward, honor Mick's life, and generate support for his wife. Updates will be posted here.

"I've never been interested in sailing rigs because of the complexity and risks involved but the Flat Earth sail is simple and rescues with the sail deployed are completely manageable - including the ability to roll your kayak. And you don't need a kayak with a rudder!"
--Leon Somme, aspirant BCU Level 5 coach, USA.
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"Mick's design is absolutely stunning. It's a proper sail, made by an expert sailmaker. I have literally been blown away by these sails."

--Douglas Wilcox, kayaker, photographer, Scotland.
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